letters to my son: 1

so a few fellow photographers started this monthly post called “letters to my son” and it is such a sweet journal from mother to son that i thought i would do this for my boys 🙂

buddy:  i see you right now as my sweet little independent man! you are so grown up to me these days and it aches deep down knowing you are not my little baby anymore. but you know how to fill my heart by saying “i’ll always be your baby mommy”  🙂   you are the living definition of “boy” to me: dirty, rambunctious, giggly, rough, attracted to anything creepy & crawly, wild, & everything more than i could have ever dreamed of! just yesterday we went down to the lake and you were enthralled with the little caterpillars and frogs we found– this moment i want to keep bottle up in my cupboard of memories–this moment i want to be so fresh in my memories forever!! my buddy–so young-so sweet-so captivated-so “all boy”  this moment makes my heart sing…  love mom


Carlene Danielek - October 25, 2012 - 11:03 pm

Beautiful writing my friend!!! What a sweet picture!!!