letters to my sons: 2

pork chop: daddy said to me last night while we were snuggling with you, “when they are 2, then they are really fun” and this is the word i think of for you at this moment: FUN! you are constantly making us laugh with things you say or faces you make! you are such a character in a little man’s body. you are so excited to try new things and it brings us such joy watching the fun you have while doing any & everything. you make me yearn to find the fun in the mundane. you-my little grasshopper- are teaching me! just this week at brother’s tee ball practice you had the best time chasing the grasshoppers on the field- something so simple brought so much fun to your night.  i love your laugh-i love your smile-i love the light in your eyes- i love you!!! love mommy

Carlene Danielek - October 25, 2012 - 11:02 pm

So awesome Julie!!