letters to my sons

my loves:

brotherhood is such a special bond, something that ties you to the other, something that lasts forever, something that can never be broken. you will always have each other, you will always be brothers.  i pray you will both thanks God for the gift of the other, for it is something special He has blessed you with. even when you fight with each other, you are teaching each other ways to deal with conflict down the road.  the first year after bringing little brother home from the hospital, i said ”  i can’t believe how early the fighting starts” and now i can see the love you have for each other.  Buddy says “brother, you’re my best friend”and my heart melts like butter, and i ask baby who his best friend was, he pointed to his big bro with the biggest smile on his face- loveeee! not everyone is blessed with a brother, and i just pray you each cherish the gift you’ve been given!

“because i have a brother, i’ll always have a friend”