Standard FAQs

What should I wear?

Don’t sweat it, here’s how to pick your wardrobe. Or, if you are looking for some specific ideas, I’ve put some together for you on my Pinterest page.

How much do you charge?

The sitting fee is $190 for up to four people ($25 for each additional person). This fee is due at the time you book your session to hold your date. Get all the pricing and policies details.

How early do you book?

The earlier the better. that way we can start planning a theme and wardrobe choices. We recommend at least four weeks before your date.

How do I reserve a date?

Once you pay your sitting fee, your date is reserved. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

What do I bring to the shoot?

It depends on what type of shoot we are planning…

Kids & Babies – If it is a child shoot, I like to tell parents to bring anything that is special to the child at this time in his/her little life. Something that when you look back on these images will transport you back to this age. Maybe its a blankie that’s ratty and you think wont look good in photo, but when you look back it will sure remind you of snuggling up with your babe. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be pristine if it’s what your child loves, that’s how you will remember this age.

OliverProps are always fun too! If he has a cool airplane like this one, this would look great in a photo. We can also plan a themed shoot, these are always fun and I love to hear what interests my clients have and come up with props accordingly. For senior/engagement sessions I like to hear what interests you and plan items to bring accordingly. I also love to have clients brainstorm and think of any family member/friend they may know that may have something they can borrow for a shoot that would look amazing in a picture, like a vintage piece of furniture.

*Side Note for the littles* Remember to bring little snacks/treats, but do not let the little one know you are bringing them. They can come in handy toward the end of a shoot, but if the child knows you have it from the get-go he will only be focused on that. I like to capture the child naturally and I’m not big into bribing, but some occasions may call for a little Skittle 🙂


Maternity – This can be a time where you feel just glowing, or maybe just sweaty. Either way, I highly recommend having your hair & makeup professionally done to ensure you feel as lovely as possible. For clothes, I suggest a long skirt with a shirt to make it easy to show your belly. Other great wardrobe options are a long flowy dress, dress/gown with a long sheer skirt or anything else that makes you feel beautiful.

I like to keep things “earthy” for my mommas-to-be, so head wreaths can be the perfect compliment. Do bring any other accessories for you, or for the baby.  An ultrasound pic, a pair of shoes, name sign or toys, just anything that makes you think of the little one you are carrying. To see examples or get more ideas check out my Baby Belly Pins on Pinterest.


Seniors – To mix up your look and thus get a variety of pictures, a wardrobe change is always encouraged. However, different accessories can make all the difference and give a fun variety to your shoot. Headbands, hats, glasses, scarves, and other personal items put more of “you” into your pictures. Bring anything that has special meaning to you – a hobby/interest can be incorporated into your shoot. For the ladies – it makes a huge difference to have a little pro help in the hair and makeup department, so I encourage you to arrange for those professional services so you look your absolute best.

To see some examples or get more ideas check out my Pinterest Board.

What location do you use?

I am open to different locations and traveling if you have something specific in mind, but I usually have you pick between urban downtown and nature shoot that I have locations for.

What time of day do you shoot?

The best time for lighting is an hour and half before sunrise and sunset.

What if I cancel?

The sitting fee is nonrefundable due to the fact that I could’ve scheduled another client on that date, however I understand life happens. So if a little is sick, we can reschedule for an alternative date.

Can I purchase the CD of all the images?

Yes, you can purchase the CD with rights to all the edited images to do with with whatever you like. Check our Pricing & Policies page for details.

Where should I print my CD?

While it can be very convenient to whip out some prints at your local Target, Walmart or Walgreens, I highly recommend against using these retailers for your professional image printing (not that they aren’t great for iPhone photos!).

Instead, check out Mpix.com as they do an excellent job printing professional photos. You will notice that they are a bit more expensive than prints at a chain retailer, but trust me – you will be so much happier with the final product using a company that specializes in printing photos.

How many images do I get?

For a standard sitting, you will get 30-40 edited images. Images are posted on a private webpage for you to view and choose the ones you love.

Please note: you have 3 days to review your images. If you need to extend your viewing time, an additional charge will apply. Check out the Policies page for more info.

What does edit mean?

I like to keep my images clean and natural but I do go into every photo and color correct for the best looking picture.