Wedding FAQs

Wedding FAQs

What do you charge for the wedding day?

I believe that your wedding day is a wonderful and special occasion, so I work with each couple to customize my package specifically for your needs. Wedding packages start at $2,500. To check my availability for your date and start designing your custom package, please contact me.

Do you use a second photographer?

Yes! I believe it is very important to have a second photographer to capture different angles at your wedding

How long does it take to get the images?

5-6 weeks to get your online image gallery and be able to view all of your images.

Do I get the rights to all the images on CD?

Yes! you will receive all of the edited images for your use.

How many images do I get?

With a second photographer, we usually take an average of 2,000-3,000 images in an 8-hour wedding day.  But don’t worry, we break that down to give you only the absolute best images.

Do you take formal family photos?

Yes! though our style is photo-journalistic, we know family portraits are important to you and we suggest that you email us a list of names of whomever you would like to have in your family portraits.

How can I reserve a date?

Once we have your retainer, your date is locked. The retainer is due at the time of booking and is 30% of the wedding fee.

What if we cancel?

If your wedding date is canceled, your retainer fee will be kept in full. Once your contract and retainer fee is received, we turn down any other wedding on this date. The retainer fee guarantees that we hold your date exclusively for you therefore all other weddings will be turned down.

Do we need a meal at the reception?

Yes, we would love a meal. Hot or cold, we will be thankful! Our only request is that the venue knows we need to eat at the same time you are eating so we are able to continue your coverage as your night proceeds.

What is you rate for overtime?


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! you can contact us to inquire more about travel fees.

What about an engagement session?

An engagement session is very important to get comfortable in how to pose for your wedding day.

Do you make an of our images black and white?

Yes some images look better in black and white depending on the mood or feel.

What does edit an image mean?

I like my images to remain clean and natural but I do go into each and every photo to color correct for the best looking image.

Does sales tax apply to us?

Yes, we are required by the state to charge sales tax.