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Display Your Photos, Get Your Digital Photos Free

Clients that purchase at least $695 in products, get a digital copy of all of their photos on a CD for FREE ($395 value)


Bonuses for Telling Your Friends

For clients having their Senior photos taken….

  • Refer 1 friend and when they book their session get $50 off your session
  • Refer 2 friends and when they book their sessions get $150 off your session
  • Refer 3 friends and when they book their sessions get $300 off your session

The More the Merrier

Team up with 3 or more of your Senior friends and each get a photo shoot with professional hair and makeup for $395/person. The photo shoots will all take place on the same day.


May Days Bring Free Photos

Every May there is an opportunity to get a FREE photo shoot & digital archive file for anyone who donates the full tax credit for my sons at their private school. If you don’t already know about the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit, you can learn more about this tax deductible charitable contribution here.

Dear sweet family & friends,

We don’t usually write to our friends and family asking them to donate to charities, but this is different.  We are writing to ask you to direct your tax dollars to our child’s education.

As many of you know our boys attend NCS and we absolutely love it there! I see God’s work in their hearts and lives. We continue to pray that the boys will be able to continue their education at NCS. Arizona has a TAX CREDIT system whereby you can donate money to a private education AND receive a TAX CREDIT on your state tax return. This is not a “tax deduction” or a “write off”. This does not cost you a penny! As long as you have a state tax liability of the amount you donate, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. So instead of sending your money to the state of Arizona, you are able to designate it to a private education. A married couple can donate up to $2,006 and a single filer can donate up to $1,003. Even more, you may be eligible for a federal tax deduction because AZTO is a non-for-profit corporation. Therefore, you could even make money by donating!

Since this is so near and dear to my heart, I am offering a free photo session plus digital files for all of my clients who participate in this donation. The easiest way for you is to donate online a few days before you file your taxes, then when you file you will get back every penny, and get a free photo session as a thank you from myself!

Thank you in advance for your care and concern as to how and where your tax dollars are spent. Remember, we are not asking you for a donation, we are asking you to re-direct your state income taxes to benefit our children’s education. You get the entire amount back when you file your taxes and get a free photo session from me: win-win!

If you have any questions feel free to call us or check the AZTO website at if you are interested in this free session, please contact me before donating so I can walk you through it and get you scheduled for the free photo session dates! juliemclainphotography

If you are interested in participating, Get in Touch