Newborn FAQ

Newborn FAQ

What age should I get my newborn photos done?

As soon as you get home from the hospital!! While your precious newborn is still sleepy – which is optimal for newborn photography. Also before the newborn acne hits (which is usually about 2 weeks of age).

Will my husband and I (brothers/sisters) be in any of the photos?

Most definitely! This new family dynamic is so precious to capture!

What should I wear?

Unlike children and family sessions – prints and plaids are distracting with a newborn session – solids work best

What should my newborn wear?

Not a lot! Newborns do not like wardrobe changes, plus I love to capture the sweetness of their new skin. However, diaper covers are wonderful!

Where do you take the photos?

Newborns are usually done at your home (unlike all other shoots) where you and babe will be most comfortable since we usually have to stop and feed the babe at least once or twice.

What should I have ready?

Anything you would like incorporated into the photos – anything with special meaning/interest. Maybe a baby blanket/toy from when you were a child.. Also diaper covers/hats/beanies/headbands/colored cheesecloth swaddlers are great for newborn pictures.

Where will you take the pictures in my home?

Where ever has the best light – I am a natural light photographer so I would much rather use beautiful natural light whenever possible. (we may do some furniture re-arranging once I get there)

How long will the shoot take?

Newborn shoots are always the longest because your little one will probably want to take a break to eat once or twice during the shoot, they usually take between one and two hours.

What else should I know?

You should have your house set a little warmer than normal since newborns like it that way- especially if we are going to take off their clothes and have them naked. If you have a small space heater have that ready as well!